Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Few Discoveries

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Since I've started this diet if I wake up in the morning earlier than I have to get up I can't get back to sleep.  This morning I was up at 5:55 am.....bleh!  After reading numerous websites regarding this I discovered this is a common thing.  Vegans/Vegetarians may need less sleep only because their quality is better.  I still don't like it! :)

Nothing much to report food wise.  I had my normal breakfast and leftovers for lunch.  For dinner I made Italian Kale , baked sweet potatoes, and salads with three kinds of lettuce, spinach and veggies.  I bought Bac-Os for the kids since they can't have bacon bits anymore, but I'm sure they're still not that great health wise.

Last night I was supposed to go get my first tattoo but the artist called and rescheduled for Monday.  I had said a few times over the last week "I need to hurry up and go get a tattoo before I find out it's not Vegan."  I was joking, but when I looked it up today I found out it may not be....ugh!  You can read this article to see what I've found.  I am still going to get one, but I am going to ask whether the black they're using is "bone black".  Also aftercare products like A&D, Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly and Aquaphor, all have animal ingredients.  You can look HERE for a list of Vegan tattoo aftercare products.

Another discovery came after I thought "I wish there was an app that you could personalize with ingredients to avoid in products so that you could scan bar codes and be warned of what you are looking at".  I found one called Fooducate which is a website and app that is pretty cool, but you can use What's in this Stuff? app and site to add all types of ingredients in.....boy is that going to take a long time!  When I get my list of "ingredients to avoid" done I will share it on here.

Since I probably won't post on here tomorrow about today, I'll let you know what we have planned.  Today my mom is watching little "N" and we're taking the older two to see "Oz: The Great and Powerful".  Then after retrieving  "N" we are going to go to Red Robin and take advantage of their Veggie Burger option.  I assume the kids will have fries (not the best option, but Vegan) and I will either get a salad, veggies or fruit.  I read that the only Vegan salad dressing option there is: Natural Toasted Sesame Dressing.

Okay, well, it's time to meal plan for the next week and go shopping.  Grocery shopping is actually more fun for me now...maybe because I subconsciously felt guilty for the crap I was buying before?

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