Friday, March 1, 2013

Day #1

Yesterday as a busy day.  I have come to realize that Veganism is like a religion, and I feel like I'm taking a crash course.
First I headed to a local produce market.  I had a list based on the meals I'd be making the next week or so.  I purchased more produce at once than I ever have before.  We have a family of 5, so keep that in mind:

1 lb baby carrots
3 avacodos
2 lbs bananas
2.36 lbs Braeburn apples
1 bunch celery
1 bag spinach
4 cucumbers
1 bag oranges
.43 lb ginger
3.67 lbs granny smith apples
2 bunches green onions
head lettuce
2 bunches Kale
4 lemons
1 sm. pkg. white mushrooms
4 red peppers
4 green peppers
1 lb strawberries
3 lbs carrots
1.5 lbs green beans
12 roma tomatoes
2 swt. onions
2 jumbo yams
multi pkg artisan lettuce
1 pablano pepper
1 bunch fennel (anise)
2 lbs bosc pears
2 jalapeno peppers

Total Spend $55

That total really shocked me.  I normally spend $15 - $25 on a trip there IF I go....a lot of times I just get produce at the grocery store especially in the winter.  I don't know if we'll be able to eat it all before it goes bad, but we're going to try.
Next I proceeded to my regular shopping destination, Kroger.  They have a nice healthy food section which is where I headed first.  I did a lot of label inspection to see what I was getting.  There were things I never purchased before including the meat and dairy substitutes.  I also lucked out on some items that were marked down for manager's specials and close outs.  The best deal I got was Sweet Leaf sweetener which is a 100% Natural mix of Stevia and Cane Sugar.  The price was $6.99 for a 1 lb bag and they had a bunch marked down to $2.00 so I grabbed 6 bags.  You also only need to use 1/3 of the amount than regular sugar, so it should go pretty far.  I am debating going to buy the rest if they are still on the shelf.
I also brought along a note book to write down some prices so I can compare at other stores, since I know some of these products cost a lot more than I'm used to spending.  As I use the products I'll give reviews on them.

At home I planned a Vegan dinner.  My daughter knew, but my son did not.  My daughter, "M" is 10 years old, and my son "P" is 8....and let's not forget my youngest son "N" who is nearly 18 months.  The night before I had discussed the whole idea of changing our diets with the kids.  I told them that I would not expect anything from them, but that the food I'd be cooking and buying would be Vegan.  They could choose to eat what they wanted outside the home.  "M" was all for becoming Vegan.  "P", on the other hand said he liked "chicken and tacos" too much to give up meat, and I told him that was okay.
So, I prepared dinner last night.  We had:

Mexican Bean Soup (my on the spot, made up recipe)

Open Faced Sloppy Joes

  • Morningstar Farms - Meal Starters - Grillers Recipe Crumbles
  • Manwich Sauce (Vegan, but contains High Fructose Corn Syrup......note to self: find recipe for sloppy joe sauce)
  • Healthy Life - Wheat Hamburger Buns
  • Go Veggie - Lactose Free Cheese Substitute

  • Rice Dream Non Dairy Frozen Dessert - Vanilla Ice Cream
  • fresh strawberries on top

I did not tell "P" that his food was Vegan until he was done.  He loved it, and needless to say, he's on our team now.  I did not talk to the kids about animal treatment specifics until that night.  I felt like I did it in the right order....kind of like helping to convert a Christian before you tell them about hell, I didn't want to fear or guilt the kids about making a decision.  I am still not holding them to anything.  Little "N" can't comprehend any of this yet....he just likes food period.  The hubby is so easy going.  I could serve him cardboard and sticks and he wouldn't complain.

By the time I went to bed last night I was hungry and very tired, but I was/am so thrilled about all of this.

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