Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day #3

Yesterday has it's ups and downs.  Besides the fact that it took me nearly all day to recover from two draft beers from the night before, I stayed out late  (Friday) and only got about 4 hours of sleep.  This probably wasn't the best idea to do to myself when I had a date planned with Dan (hubby).

Breakfast was the same as the day before.

-Two Mission brand low-carb white tortillas with 1/4 can each of Vegetarian Re-fried beans, tomato, lettuce, taco sauce and hot sauce (keep in mind I don't care much for re-fried beans and I was scarfing these down like no tomorrow)
-12 oz Mean Green juice

Dinner was another story.  We went to a movie and then ended up at  Bravo for dinner.  I was starving at 3 pm, and after the movie (and waiting an hour for a table) we didn't sit down to eat until 7 pm (note to self: put Vegan snacks in purse for all emergencies like this one...ugh).  I figured I could probably just order a meatless dish and ask for no cheese but I was wrong.  I ordered the eggplant parmesan which came with provolone (so I ask for them to take it off), but 20 minutes after ordering she came to say there was also mozzarella in the breading... huh?  I gave in because I felt like a problem customer.  Then, when the dish came, the noodles it came with were smothered in butter...oops.  This ordering out thing was going to be harder than I thought.  I did not skip the noodles.  I was so hungry I thought I was going to throw up all over the table.  PS. I also ordered a salad to split with the hubby which was so tasty...ordering it without the pancetta was the only change I had to make.


- research Vegetarian restaurants in the area if they exist
- look up: "what questions Vegans should ask about their meal before ordering"...maybe there is a checklist I could take with me.

After dinner Dan had a surprise planned for me. We have been planning surprise dates for each other ever other weekend since last October.  We were already at the mall and he had planned a clue hunt for me around the mall with post-its hidden around.  I felt HORRIBLE feet were killing me for waiting for our table in the wrong shoes, my stomach still hurt from having to eat a late dinner, and I was tired from lack of sleep.  I tried to be a good sport since he'd put a lot of effort in setting this up the night before.  He'd hidden the clues so that I was walking from one end of the mall to the other, criss-crossing everywhere.  The last clue took me to Godiva Chocolate where the note said to get a treat....whatever I wanted.  Well, Godiva does not sell Vegan chocolate so I walked out.  I already suspected this, but I asked anyways since the hubby was feeling like the whole thing was a flop.


-go to health food store for carob or ask what other options there are for chocolate

Back at home the in-laws were with the kids and when it was about time for them to hit the road we told them about the whole Vegan thing.  I thought my father in-law was going to have the biggest problem with the idea especially since he grew up on a farm that butchered and has always had a different attitude toward animals than most people I met.  He had a few things to say, but was also supportive.  I don't think they are going to feed the kids Vegan when they have them, but that is up to the kids anyways.  I will have to talk to the kids ahead of time, and if they want to abstain from animal products I will talk to the in-laws before they give the kids food.

Luckily I did not go to bed hungry since I ate a late dinner.  Day three was finished.

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