Monday, March 4, 2013

Day #4

Yesterday was a great day.  I felt like a million bucks compared to the day before.

Breakfast I ate the same as the past few days.

Lunch was kind of gross, but only because I just threw it together.  I made a stir fry with a bunch of veggies (spinach, mushrooms, garlic, red and green pepper, tomato, and onions which ended up being about three cups after cooking) and it was nasty, but I ate it any way.  I also had some left-over morning star farms meat crumbles in manwich (which I am going to avoid next time because of the high fructose corn syrup), so I just ate that with a fork, and I had about 7 Wheat Thins (which are vegan) because that's all I had left.

After lunch "M" (daughter age 10) and I went health food store hopping.  I took a note book to price compare so I can figure out where to get the best prices.  We were also on a mission to get ingredients for Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies. (recipe will be posted later), and some odds and ends.  We found that the health food store's prices were more than the health food section at our local grocery store (Kroger).  There were a few products that I can get that are unavailable at Kroger, so I will just grab them when I need them.

Enjoy Life FoodsWe did find Vegan chocolate.  One of the stores let me try it and try carob chips too, and I just don't like carob very much (I already knew this).  I found a brand that I think is going to be my go-to chocolate: Enjoy Life which had dairy, nut and soy-free chocolate.  I got the mini-chips for the cookies, and "M" and I shared a "boom-Choco-boom" dark chocolate bar and it completely made up for the fact that I couldn't get any chocolate at Godiva the night before.

I also purchased Earth Balance brand Vegan butter (in a spread and sticks for baking) and their Vegan Mayo.  I put the sticks in the cookies I made, but I haven't tried the other products yet.

For dinner we had tofu fajitas with green and red peppers, green onions, black beans, corn, and poblano peppers.  They were very good, but I topped them with Daiya brand  "Cheddar" shreds and I did not like it.  I did, however, like the Tofutti brand "sour Cream".  On the side we had tortilla chips I picked up the the health food store, and I made my recipes for salsa and guacamole. (minus the honey I used to put in it).  Honey is not Vegan, but one of those gray areas.   If you click on the links you'll find my recipe blog.  There are not really very many recipes a Vegan can use, but I am keeping it around.

Later on the kids and I made the cookies and they were "to die for".

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