Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day #6

Not too much to report yesterday.  I ate my usual breakfast and did my usual workout at the "Y" working out legs on the weight machines and burning 475 calories on the elliptical in 35 minutes.  I did notice I was sore from the day before, which I assume was because I did the extra ab and arm workout at home.  I told a couple more people I ran into at the "Y" about my new plan and I got more positive reactions.  I kind of feel like I'm turning into a Vegan missionary...ha ha!

At home I made two juice recipes, the Winter White by Joe Cross and the Carrot/Apple/Ginger also by Joe.  I will post the Carrot recipe once I try it.  The Winter White had a great flavor.  I drank it for lunch along with two re-fried bean wraps with tomato, fresh cilantro, Tofutti "sour cream" and hot sauce and my home made salsa.  I think these wraps are going to be my favorite lunch.  I also ran about 8 oranges through the juicer to get rid of them since they are juicing oranges and very hard to eat.  The kids LOVED the fresh orange juice.

For dinner I made Smart Dogs on Healthy Life buns.  They were very convincing hot dogs!  The kids loved them.  I served it with my home made hummus (recipe later) fresh veggies, pickles, and for dessert a coconut almond chocolate covered ice cream bar by So Delicious  (YUM).

After dinner I headed out to make an appointment at a tattoo shop for Friday (my first one), and hit a different Kroger grocery store for some odds and ends.  For a smaller Kroger than I'm used to their Heath food/ organic section was very nice.  At home I made home home-made granola.  I am not going to post the recipe because I need to try one that has less or no oil and a different type of sweetener than honey. 

I also had a discussion with "P" (8 year old) about his statement that he didn't want to give up buying lunches at school.  I bought some substitute lunch meats for more options and made a list of school lunch ideas.  I made a deal with him that after the whole month of March packing lunches with Vegan options if he didn't like the variety he was getting that he could buy lunch at school twice a week.  He agreed.

As our last 1/2 gallon of Skim milk was coming to an end we had to try out the milk alternative out on little "N" (18 months) to see if he'd drink it.  He seemed to like it more than regular milk...SCORE!  This morning we finished up the skim...NO MORE COW MILK IN THIS HOUSE!

I had SO MUCH ENERGY all day.  I am so grateful for the information that brought me to this new lifestyle.

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