Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day #7

Yesterday was one full week of my Vegan transition.  The hardest part was just making sure I wasn't eating the wrong thing.  It was not hard to resist eating stuff, and the hunger wasn't that bad.  The thing I miss the most is chunk cheese.  I do not miss meat.  I now have a mindset that meat is a foul, dirty thing and craving it is sadistic.  I'm not saying I think that of people who eat it, but it's how I feel about it.
I am not going to report things I eat unless I make something new, have a review of a new food or product, or have a recipe to share.  For dinner last night I made a completely Vegan pizza.  This picture is not great because it's from my phone.  I put veggies that each person likes on 1/2 pizza, and fed my 18 month old 1/3 of his older brother's half since I figured he wouldn't eat as much.  My half` had: organic pizza sauce, spinach, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, black olives, fresh basil and tomato.  I topped both pizzas off with Daiya mozzarella flavored shreds and Yves - Meatless Pepperoni.
This pizza was super yummy!  The cheese was melty and gooey, and it didn't taste like I wasn't eating "normal" pizza.  My daughter did not like the cheese, and my son did not like the tomatoes I put on his, but that's not such a big deal.  "N" gobbled it down.  SUCCESS!  Unfortunately I ate too much.....I was like a woman possessed...I swear.  I ate my whole half, and went over my goal of carbs for the day.  Next time I will serve myself what I should eat and put the rest immediately in the fridge or something.  We also had a cucumber "salad".  I made a dressing of vinegar, vegan mayo, a little raw sugar, pepper, salt, lemon juice, garlic and chili powder.  Very tasty!
Yesterday I also watch a documentary that I will be reporting on in a separate post.

Tonight I am going to a Vegan dinner party (and Oreo day celebration....Oreos are Vegan) compliments of  I do not know a single person, so it should be a great opportunity to add to my support system and learn more about what is to come.  We are also viewing Vegucated the documentary, which I loved, so I don't mind seeing it again.  It is a pot luck, so I am taking my cinnamon pita chips and fruit salsa (recipe later).

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