Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Liquid Hand Soap Recipe

I originally found this recipe on Pinterest and it came from One Good Thing by Jillee .  I liked it because it was not only cruelty-free but non-toxic.  I read through a lot of the reviews, and the problems some people were having so I changed the directions, to make it faster to create and easier to use.


container with lid that can hold up to 64 ounces
4 c. hot water
2 oz. fragrance-free bar soap (I used 1/2 bar of Kirk's Castile...found with other bar soap at the grocery store), grated or thinly chopped with knife.
1/2 T. vegetable glycerine *other types of glycerine may not be Vegan


Put grated soap and hot water into container, tighten lid, shake and leave to sit.  Every so often shake again for the next few hours.  When soap pieces are dissolved pour mixture into large pot, and bring to a boil *this step is necessary to kill any bacteria in water (so that soap will keep), but also for adding in glycerine.  Turn on low, allow bubbles to subside and stir in glycerine.  Take pot off burner and allow to cool completely (should congeal and look like white slime).  Pour soap into blender and liquify. (This breaks up the blob of soap, putting air into it).  Pour back into original container and use it to fill up small pump, bottles.


*I have heard you can get vegetable glycerine at pharmacies (most times you have to ask because they) keep it behind the counter.....I have heard you can possibly get it at Walmart and or Target.  I ordered mine from Amazon HERE.  It was $8.99, which seems like a lot, but at 1/2 tablespoon used for that much soap it would make 64 bottles of soap the same size I made here, and cost 14 cents per bottle

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