Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Stats and Goals and Changes

As I already told you theses are my are my current stats as of 2/28/13:

Age: 34

Weight: 250.8
Height: 65 inches (5 foot 5 inches)
BMI: 41.7  (goal 25)
Goal: ?

I also did not mention my clothing sizes:

Shirt: 14/16 women's
Pants: 18
Bra: 42 DDD

At my largest I was 306 lbs and size 26/28 or 3xl

These were the health concerns I stated, but I also thought of more:

Health Concerns/Problems:

Hypertension (slight):
Anxiety Disorder
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
Back Pain (every day upper and lower)
Sciatica (both sides)
Varicose Veins


trouble falling aleep
moderate scoliosis
Urinary Incontinence (slight)


-stronger sense of smell
-can taste some smells in my mouth (for instance a fresh cut orange or powdered stuff when poured like spices or sugar)...strange one
-my skin is not oily at all (for instance, if I did not put make-up on in the morning, but put it on in the evening I would have to wash my face first because it would be oily).
-I am not retaining much water at all (my rings are never tight)
-I am gassy ALL THE TIME, but it's not painful.  I am hoping this eventually subsides


Weight: My previous weight goal a few years ago was 180, but now I think that is still considered overweight.  I want to be curvy, but I have no idea what my body would look like at different sizes.  I believe I've read the suggested weight for my height is 120-140.  I am just taking it a little at the time.
I would also like to ride every ride at a local amusement park without being kicked off because the belts don't fit.  This has happened before and it is completely humiliating.

Clothing size:  I would like to at least be in a women's medium.  I am not sure what that translates to in number sizing.  I hope to never be smaller than a "C" cup bra size.

Fitness: My hubby and I signed up for Mud Factor in Ida, Michigan on June 22nd.  This will be the first fitness event I've ever entered.  It is a 5K muddy obstacle course.  I would love to be strong and flexible enough to complete every obstacle.  You can skip them if you can't do them, but I would hate to skip.  Other than that I would not only like to work out 5 days a week (maybe adding a 6th) but also walk with the kids at night and take them swimming 1-2 times a week.  We can swimming year 'round at the YMCA indoor pool.  I think we should be able to start going on walks by the end of the month.

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