Monday, March 11, 2013

My weekend

This past weekend was very nice.  I feel like I got so much accomplished.  I have to contribute that to the increased energy that this new lifestyle had given me.
On Saturday I did the grocery shopping for the week. I hit a local produce market and got a huge cart-full for $39.  I was compelled this time not to take away any plastic baggies for individual items and at check-out, so I took my reusable shopping bags in, but at the back of the store they had boxes you could take for free, so I used them instead.  Here's a photo I snapped in the parking lot because I was so proud of my healthy purchases.  At my regular grocery store I did about 1/3 of my shopping in the organic/health food section and the rest in the other parts of the store.  I was there a very long time because I was using the new app,  Fooducate I talked about in a post from the other day to scan items and compare.
I bought my first natural, non-animal product toiletries as well.  I got "Tom's of Maine" brand deodorant for my hubby (his arm pits are going to smell fresh and citrusy), and a nice pomegranate conditioner from another brand of natural products.  I am going to try to make some home-made toiletries and cleaning products, so if I try something that works well, I'll post the recipes on here.  Speaking of that, last night I watched the documentary called "Chemerical" which exposes the toxic chemicals we are ingesting, breathing and putting on our skin every day with the cleaning and personal care products we have in our homes.  This, in addition to the animal products in ingredients of these things are why I also want to change what we buy in the non-foods department.  Those of you who get Netflix can watch it on there.

Saturday dinner at Red Robin was great.  Those of us who got the Gardenburger were pleased.  "P" (8 year old son) wanted chicken fingers, so I didn't push him.  We got "N" (18 month old son) the kid's spaghetti with marinara and a side of fruit.  I have never eaten so healthy there!
Later that night I was so excited to use some of the new produce I had purchased earlier, so I made not only three new juice recipes, but I juiced some oranges for a dessert I'm making this next week.  The first juice recipe was the Carrot, Apple Beet I posted yesterday (so yummy and such a beautiful color) and two more I'll post as I taste test them.

Yesterday I got a lot accomplished.  I cleaned the kitchen and organized the food storage we have with our new health products.  Then I got a large stockpot of chili going for dinner.  I used my standard recipe, leaving out the meat, beef bouillon cubes and Worcestershire (which contains anchovies) and put in Kroger's Simple Truth Meatless crumbles.  We were all surprised how "normal" it tasted.  I also made some Agave Corn Bread, which was so tasty.  I will post these recipes later on.

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