Monday, March 18, 2013

My weekend

I had a fabulous weekend.  My mood is much better.  I am sure I can attribute my feeling overwhelmed last week to my hormones due to my period coming.

Friday I made the Engine 2 Diet's "sweet potato lasagna".  I did not like it.  I even made my own marinara sauce.  There is something seriously wrong with with measurements of this recipe, so beware if you make it.  You don't need 2 boxes of noodles, and I omitted the spinach and mushrooms, and only used 1/4 of the carrots and the 9x13 dish was still leaking in the oven...sheesh!  Maybe the recipe creator had a lasagna dish similar to that of Marry Poppin's magic bag?

Saturday the hubby and I had a date planned by me.  Every other weekend we take turns planning a surprise date for each other.  This time it wasn't a surprise because I told him about it ahead of time, but we still had a lot of fun.  We traveled an hour to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It seems like Vegans have it easier up there...too bad the cost of living is so high.  First we went to Trader Joes.  I really like their prices and we found some great deals.  I had only been there once a few years ago, and Dan had never been there.  Then we went to Whole Foods.  We had fun looking at everything in every aisle (we were probably annoying to some of the regulars).  I had an unexpected reaction while there:

The smell of raw meat in the butcher section made me sick to my stomach.  This is interesting because "M" (10 year old daughter) had the same reaction to the smell of the hot dogs at school during lunch.

Afterwards we headed to Barnes and Noble to waste a couple minutes before dinner.  I wrote down a bunch of titles of books in the nutrition section and in the vegan cookbook section.  I found 1/3 of them on our local library website and ordered them.

For dinner we went to Hut-K Chaats.  We were lucky enough to meet the owner/creator/chef who not only explained the entire menu to us and recommended dishes, but also shared his passion for health, life and food.  He himself, with diet has reversed his type 2 diabetes.  Half of the menu is Vegan and the other half Vegetarian, so we were in heaven.  The food was so amazing I got home and looked up tons of Vegan Indian food recipes to try.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had my in-laws over to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.  I made Garbanzo Tomato Pasta Soup which to the recipe I added tomato sauce and fresh basil and oregano.  Also roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar and I made a batch of apple crisp.  The food went over really well, and they liked their first Vegan meal I cooked for them.

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