Friday, March 8, 2013

One Whole Week!

Yesterday marked one full week with a mostly Vegan diet.  We still have a little lunch meat, some cheese, a couple eggs and my coffee creamer left....that's it.  I am so proud of my family!  As of this morning here are our weights:

start -  250.8
now -  244.4
lost  -  6.4 lbs

Dan (hubby):

start  - 243.2
now  - 238.0
lost   - 5.2 lbs

Megan (10 year old)

start - 110.6
now - 109.8
lost - .8 pounds

I don't have much to report about my food yesterday.  I did not made dinner for the family because through I attended a dinner/documentary/discussion with a Veg/Vegan group in my area.  We watched Vegucated, which was the documentary that got me to where I am now.  Afterwards I met some great people and I really hope to attend more of these functions and make some new friends.

My hubby made dinner for the kids...they had peanut butter and banana sandwiches (is he a cool dad or what?) and some of the fruit salsa and cinnamon pita chips I took to the meet-up. (recipe later).  No veggies in there, but I think they did okay.

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