Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phase #2

Phase #2

  •  Stop buying all cleaning products and toiletries that are not all natural and Vegan

  • Make homemade cleaning products and toiletries if possible so I can control all ingredients and best of all...SAVE MONEY!
  • use up or give away all cleaning products and toiletries that contain animal products and chemicals to rid our home of toxic chemicals. (this is going to take a while)
  • Buy only organic produce
  • start a vegetable garden
  • start a compost pile 
  • stop buying plastic bags and using them for storage, and stop throwing away plastic grocery bags (must figure out what to do with those dirty diapers), only recycle them.  I am not ready to do the cloth diaper thing, but luckily potty training will be in the next year.
  • inspire those around me to eat healthier

  • build a support group of contacts and friends who are Vegan (making friends with another Vegan family would be awesome)
These are my goals and I will share with you when I have completed this phase. 

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