Sunday, March 3, 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting to go Vegan

I want to note all physical changes as well as dietary.  I looked at all sorts of blogs and articles to find out what to expect, but people talk about the challenges of cravings, hunger, feelings, and restaurants, but not as much step-by-step of how your body reacts.

This is what I've noted so far after three days:
(keep in mind I am still eating some dairy either to finish it up at the house or accidentally because I'm learning)
  • I feel more relaxed and calm
  • my belly feels smaller and softer on the outside (almost like after having a baby when your uterus is shrinking)....I am guessing this is from my stomach shrinking...already??!!
  • I feel lighter
  • I visit the bathroom more often and my stool is very loose and light-colored (TMI, I know, but I want to cover everything)
  • fruit is sweeter, and tooth paste and mouthwash tastes different (I know that I am going to have to get different toothpaste eventually since it's not Vegan)
  • my saliva is thinner and I'm not as congested (this is due to giving up dairy....less mucus in your body.  I plan on a whole post about dairy and mucus, but I have to do more research)