Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mercy for Animals

After I starting doing more research, once making the decision to go Vegan, I kept seeing the name Mercy for Animals" everywhere.  I knew I wanted to get into some type of animal activism, but I didn't know how to get started if there wasn't a branch of an organization in my city.  I wanted to get involved with a lesser-known organization that didn't have as much of a stigma attached, so I knew PETA was out.  I ended up going to two different "Veg Fests", one in Novi Michigan and one in Cleveland Ohio, and both of them had booths for Mercy for Animals, which I grabbed literature from.  I decided to go onto their website and fill out a volunteer form.  I also "liked" them on facebook.  A friend of mine then got me in contact with someone from the Chicago branch, and one day in July he was looking for volunteers for a demonstration in Lima, Ohio.   It was for the "Walmart Cruelty"

campaign, (trying to get Walmart to buy pork from suppliers that don't use gestation crates for their pigs).  My daughter and I drove down and met up with a couple of women who had been doing a tour all over the US, to bring awareness to the subject.  Jeni and Crystal were such a pleasure to spend the day with, and it was great to meet like-minded people.  We also had a woman, Samantha (also from Ohio) join us as well.  The five of us stood out front of the Lima Walmart with signs that read "Walmart Tortures Pigs" and "Walmart Pork = Animal Abuse", we also had a large inflatable pig in a crate standing next to us.  We got some honks and waves (and some middle fingers), but I felt so good standing up for something I believed in.  We ended up getting interviewed for the Lima News paper (article here) and was also on the local Fox News.  The photo on the top was taken by me, so I'm not in it, but my daughter is on the far left.

I also knew that Mercy for Animals organizes booths at events to expose people to the truth behind modern farming by paying them $1 to watch a 4 minute video.  It is a shortened version of the farm to fridge video (you can view the full version HERE).

Some friends of mine in Indianapolis had put together a booth like this at the Indy Pride Fest in June, and they inspired me to try to get one planned for my city.  My hubby and I did the booth last weekend.  I feel like we did a great thing, exposing people to the truth, even if we didn't have as many participants as anticipated.  We ended up with 45 people watching this video and had great conversations with people about how they could chose a more compassionate lifestyle.  Here are some photos from the event, including people reacting to the video. (and the girl who is with us was a local who volunteered to help out)....she did an awesome job interacting with people, something that I was a little shy doing.

If you are interested in volunteering for Mercy for Animals, please visit the "EVENTS" section of their website, or fill out a volunteer form.

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