Monday, September 23, 2013

My First Experience with Leafleting

I have never leafleted before, and I though it would help me approach strangers easier if I had an
opportunity to do it.  I saw a message sent out to local volunteers to join a Mercy for Animals volunteer on one her stops at colleges in Ohio.  I offered to help her at BGSU on September 9th.  For the first half of the day it was raining, and it was impossible to hold an umbrella, an armful of leaflets and have a hand free to give them to the students.  I was feeling really tongue tied and had a hard time spitting out "Info to help animals" or something similar.  Most of the time I ended up saying "Here you go!" or "Have you received one of these yet?"  I was honesty very uncomfortable.  It was worse when people would give you funny/dirty looks, roll their eyes, snicker or pretend like you were handing them "the plague".  After a few hours I was getting pretty depressed.  I ended up taking an opportunity to leave early when my son needed to be picked up from the sitter.
I ended up realizing that just because I wasn't into this type of activism didn't mean that I wasn't cut out for activism.  We did end up handing out 2000 leaflets, which is a record for the number handed out at that particular college.  It was the most rewarding seeing students immediately looking through the information we just handed them.  I really hope that we made an impact.  Even if just one person decided to become Vegan because of our encouragement, that is still approximately 90 animals lives saved in one year.

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